Are we ready for new era of personalized, gene-based medicine

Explore this critical question in your own Science Café events.

At left are resources to help you run a café focused on gene-based medicine and its impact on health care and society as a whole. You can tailor the café to fit your needs and audience.

These cafés can draw upon NOVA's Cracking Your Genetic Code, a program examining vital issues for medical professionals and their patients alike—issues affecting all of us. Through the program, viewers meet doctors, patients, and ethicists grappling with the promises and pitfalls of this dawning era in medicine.

To learn more about the program and watch a preview, visit the Cracking Your Genetic Code program page. You can also explore some of the complex practical and emotional issues of gene-based medicine through NOVA’s Web interactive, Genetic Testing Dilemmas: Four Role-Playing Scenarios.

Watch Cracking Your Genetic Code on PBS. See more from NOVA.