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Breaking News: Worldwide, Inner Nerds Run Wild by Cynthia Fox

In Uganda, crowds of them gathered curiously outside a grass-thatched hut, surrounded by chickens pecking at grains leaking from malwa pots, to do it.

In Gowanus Canal, New York’s latest hip hood, 600 of them wandered through the cool shadows of graffiti-strewn warehouses, pecking at iPods, to do it.

From Kazakhstan to Cape Cod, thousands of closet nerds are sneaking out of house-and-hut each month to drink at one of the world’s 750-plus science cafes, or Cafes Scientifique. Sometimes these are held in cafes. Just as often, they are held in bars. (The hut above had no windows or doors, but lots of malwa: alcohol.)1

Worldwide, the basic intent is the same, says Margaret Mittelbach of the Gowanus Secret Science Club: “To invite everyone to let their inner nerd run wild; to get excited about black holes and dark matter; sharks and jellyfish; neurotransmitters and epigenetics.” Continue Reading

Cynthia Fox writes for  This article was published on April 16th, 2013.

Science For Dummies by Larry Dobrow

In the 2011 November issue of the American Way, an American Airlines publication, Larry Dobrow writes about his new interest in science cafes:

I should be in full-throttle sports-dork mode. The national sports schedule boasts a pair of championship-caliber matchups that prominently feature juice and financial-services pitchmen who have a parade of zeroes at the end of their paychecks. Another pits a hangdog franchise made good, undefeated for the first time since the invention of indoor plumbing, against its longtime tormentor. It is the type of night for which sports bars were invented; the type of night I’d usually spend reveling in the twin glories of chicken fingers and mediocre domestic beer.

Instead, I find myself in a café on ­Manhattan’s Upper West Side, where the televisions stay dim and mute as a Columbia University computer scientist leads a 40-strong audience in a discussion about augmented reality. I attend this discussion of my own accord. No blackmail is involved, nor is drunkenness. I am under the spell of science — literallyContinue Reading

Dobrow writes for American Airlines Magzine, American Way. This article was published in the November 15th, 2011 Issue.

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