2. Find a Speaker

It's important to know that you can either:

1) Find a speaker and match the topic to his/her expertise, or.....

2) Select a topic and find an appropriate speaker.

The order is up to you.

NOVA Finding Life Beyond Earth Speaker Database

NOVA is collecting a database of people interesting in speaking about the 'Finding Life' topic.

Please refer to the map below for speakers related to Finding Life Beyond Earth in your area.






View Life Beyond Earth Science Café Speakers in a full screen map


Other Ideas

If you are have trouble finding a speaker, some common places to look include:

  • Universities, government research institutions, professional associations, museums, and R&D firms and other businesses.
  • Other experts to consider include the science editor of the local newspaper, doctors and nurses, and science teachers.
  • Also, scientists who have previously presented at a science café may be able to recommend other speakers.