Civilization is built on the human ability to invent- to create new materials and technologies from the raw materials of the earth. Always pushing the limits- making stuff colder, faster, wilder, safer...

And now the new age is upon us as scientists turn for inspiration to one of our most basic urges: to make stuff.


NOVA's first four-hour installment of "Making Stuff" featured investigations of material innovations around four themes: stronger, smaller, cleaner, and smarter. The show was a great success, and so NOVA is excited to announce the production of four more episodes of the "Making Stuff" series around brand new themes of innovation: Colder, Faster, Wilder, and Safer.


New York Times technology reporter David Pogue returns as your host, and guides viewers on four brand new journeys to explore the cutting-edge innovations that make engineering science such an exciting field.


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Thanks for reading, and we hope you’re as eager as we are to kick of this exciting new series!!



The NOVA Education Team