Be an "Innovation Café" organizer!

Do you want to be a part of the second "Making Stuff" campaign to bring engineering and innovation into the public realm?  Well then we’ve got great news!  NOVA Education is organizing 40 “Innovation Cafés” to take place around the broadcast of "Making Stuff" in the fall of 2013.  Each café will feature a special clip from the series, along with other themed café materials.  Innovation Café organizers will play an active role in making these themed cafés a reality in communities across the country. Interested? CLICK HERE.


Again, if you’re interested in helping to organize one (or more) of the 40 planned “Innovation Cafés,” please CLICK HERE.  You’ll be taken to a form where you can input your contact information, which will be sent directly to the NOVA Education team members responsible for the “Innovation Café” outreach campaign.  We’ll be in touch soon!