2. Find a Speaker

Cracking Your Genetic Code Cafe

You can approach finding a speaker in two different ways:

1) Find a speaker and match the topic to her/his expertise; or

2) Select a topic and find an appropriate speaker.

Tips for finding a speaker:

Cafés might feature experts from a wide range of fields, including:

• Genetic and genomic science
• Genetic counseling*
• Medical research
• Bioethics**
• Clinical medicine
• Science journalism

If you are having trouble finding a speaker, consider looking within universities, government research institutions, professional associations, museums, and hospitals and other medical centers. Contact the communications or public affairs offices of these institutions. It’s worth remembering that scientists who have previously presented at a science café may be able to recommend other speakers. As you search for a speaker, consult the list of suggested topics on our Find a Topic page, which may provide you with keywords and other guidance.

*For leads to genetic counselors, consult the National Society of Genetic Counselors website.

** For leads to bioethics experts, contact:

The Hastings Center
21 Malcolm Gordon Road
Garrison, NY 10524-4125
Telephone: (845) 424-4040
Email: mail@thehastingscenter.org