Host Your Café

Set up the room:

Use these resources on the day of your café to help everything flow smoothly:

  • Preparation checklist
  • Have a sign-in sheet ready to collect emails
  • Distribute periodic table themed coasters on tables

To order the awesome element coasters please fill out this order form.

Welcome the guests:

Get the audience involved immediately and try some ice-breakers.

Show a video clip:

Jump-start the conversation with a clip from, or related to, the series:

1. NOVA's Hunting the Elements - The Full Program

Watch Hunting the Elements on PBS. See more from NOVA.


2. Light My Fire - Some chemical humor for you café

Watch Light My Fire on PBS. See more from NOVA.


Use prepared questions as a way to kick off a general discussion.

Wrap up:

Will you host another café? Make sure you learn from each experience:

Use a survey to evaluate your café's success.