1. Choose a Topic

To get inspired while choosing a topic you can:

1. Read through the four episode descriptions for inspiration on the theme of your café

2. Review some of the ideas listed below including:


  • Is Time travel possible?
  • GPS satellite system that lets your car or cell phone know where you are would not work accurately without careful correction for time dilation effects.
  • How we measure TIME (NIST speaker)
  • Timeline of the Universe: The Big Bang to Today
  • Time is variable. According to Einstein, motion and gravity can change time.
  • Understanding Entropy: Order to Disorder and what it means for you
  • The Big Bang and the “Arrow of Time”: How we know about the Big Bang


  • Something from Nothing: Tapping the energy contained in space
  • How can we harness a new class of space particles?
  • Space in fiction and film: From the tesseract in A Wrinkle in Time to Star Trek’s warp speed
  • Visualizing different dimensions: The art of higher dimensions
  • The need for Speed: traveling at the speed of light—and beyond
  • Dark Energy: Detecting and studying the invisible
  • The Big Rip: How will the universe end, in a whimper or a bang?
  • The search for the Higgs Boson: How we are searching for it and why you should care


  • Quantum computers and the future of computing: tackling the BIG problems
  • Quantum technologies: Lasers, computers, and cell phones.
  • What is Real? Quantum mechanics and the nature of reality
  • A Physicist walks into a Casino…Probability and the Quantum world.
  • Teleportation is here! But there’s a catch to the transportation of the future...Making Little Bangs: How Particle accelerators explore the quantum world


  • Just One of Many? Our universe just one in an infiite number of universes.
  • Taken together, they suggest that the possibility of a multiverse cannot be ignored.
  • Multiverse: In the realm of science, science fiction, metaphysics, philosophy, or religion?

3. Check out Physics Central

Learn more about how physics relates to our every day lives through this great online resource. Physics central offers many ways to connect with physics through activities, people, blogs and more.

Browse through the site to find a topic that interests you and to find a topic for your next cafe.