4. Host Your Café

Set up the room

On the day of your café you can use these resources to help make everything flow smoothly:

Start the Cosmic Café

You can use the schedule below as a suggested template for your café:

Welcome the guests

Get the audience involved immediately with these following tips and ideas:

Show a video clip

Show a video clip to get the conversation started.

Available now:

Coming Soon! Video Clips from NOVA's the Fabric of the Cosmos series.

  • Time (MP4)
  • Space (MP4)
  • Quantum (MP4)
  • Multiverse (MP4)

Have a conversation

Tips for talking about the topics of Time, Space, Quantum, and Multiverse

You can use these tips to prepare yourself and your speaker for speaking with the general public.


1.Tips on wrapping-up

2. Cosmic Café specific wrap-up points

3. Evaluate the audience’s experience of your café.