Cosmic Café Resources


1. "How to run your Cosmic Café" Presentation

Learn about cosmic cafés and how to host one in this presentation.

2. Cosmic Café Press Release

Easily edit and distribute this press release to advertise your own Cosmic Café.

3. Coming Soon! The Fabric of the Cosmic Video Clips

Use these video clips from each epsiode to get people talking.

4. The Fabric of the Cosmic Press Release

Want to learn more about the show? Read this formal press release.

5. Episode Descriptions

Use these episode descriptions to become familiar with the content of the show.

6. Tips for talking about the topics of Time, Space, Quantum, and Multiverse

You can use these tips to prepare yourself and your speaker for speaking with the general public.

7. Cosmic Café Coasters

Cosmic Café Coasters are a great resource to use at your café.

To request coasters please email us at

For ideas on how to use the coasters in your café click here

8. Quick Start Cosmic Café Guide

Use this guide to get the "big picture" description of running a café.

9. Cosmic Café Template Flyer

Use this flyer to advertise your Cosmic Café in your area.